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Scotland Clothing LLC. is the leading online brand of traditional Scottish clothing. We offer a wide range of kilts and kilt accessories for men, women, and kids. Whether you need a wedding kilt, a sport kilt, a leather kilt, or a utility kilt, we have it all. Our products are handmade with the finest materials, including premium tartan fabric, leather fabric, and cotton fabric. We also provide bagpipe bags, ghillie shoes, sporrans, bagpipe cords, kilt ties, Scottish hats, and more. Since 2010, we have been on a mission to spread Scottish culture around the world. We deliver high-quality products to Scottish people and enthusiasts everywhere. Shop with us today and enjoy the best of Scotland.

Kilts are very special for Scottish people around the world. They represent their heritage, identity, and pride. That’s why we cater to every kind of kilt lover. Some of our customers want work kilts because they find them comfortable and practical for their jobs. Others want wedding kilts because they want to look elegant and royal on their big day. Every kilt has a different purpose and style. At Scotland Clothing LLC, we don’t just make kilts for men. We also make kilts for women and kids. We know that everyone loves to wear kilts, regardless of their age or gender. During the national games season in Scotland and the Highland games, everyone wears kilts as a sign of unity and strength. They show the world that they are a proud and powerful nation. Our store provides everything you need to complete your Scottish outfit and enjoy your kilt experience.



Traditional Scottish Clothing ( Kilts , Argyle Jackets , Accessories )  are regional or Traditional Clothes Of Scotland that Scottish people wear on special occasions. Traditional Scottish Clothing came into the limelight in the 16th century; it was famous due to its appearance. Initially, Tartan was used as the material with crisscrossed patterns all over in vertical and horizontal lines. But today it comes in multiple materials to make it more comfortable and wearable; materials like leather, cotton, and wool are the most famous ones. 

A kilt is a piece of cloth that wraps around the waist in such a way that half of the pleats gather together around the belt. Kilts came into the limelight in the 16th century; it was famous due to its appearance. The word ‘kilt’ is a Greek word that means ‘pleated’. The kilt style comes with its accessories which were typically worn with it, in a sense it was almost like any other fashion statement. A knee-length kilt we see today came in the 18th century before that it was a full-length garment. The first man to wear it represented Scottish clothing in the Highlands. In medieval times, it came in brown, white, green, black. The people of the clan used berries and plants to dye these kilts, which is why the colors were limited. Kilts gained popularity in the 19th century, ever since it became a part of Scottish culture. 

Today, the kilt is worn on all sorts of occasions or sports events. There was a women’s version of kilt which was known as arisaid. Women and men were seen wearing them on mainstream media and in fashion shows. With the popularity of kilts, the sense of authenticity and correct style also developed. Kilts were worn for ordinary purposes in British times rather than wearing them on special occasions. It was said to be the only national costume of that time. Kilts have been used as a uniform on the battlefield as recently as World War II, this Scottish clothing became the symbol of uniform for the army. The traditional kilt doesn’t have pockets so sporran is attached to it which is made up of leather or fur to serve the purpose. A sporran is a substitute for pockets to keep personal items. In medieval times, the sporran would be attached to the belt. Now, it normally hangs on a chain just below the buckle of the belt. There is no style statement here; sporran can be turned around the waist either way. Unexpectedly, women and girls weren’t fond of this traditional dress. They sometimes wore ankle-length skirts along with a tartan sash. Women also used to wear tartan- which was a sign of peace and prosperity. Today Scotland clothing LLC has become the national symbol of their clan.

One of the most iconic things about Scotland is its traditional dress which is a kilt. Men and women in kilts are well known for showcasing fashion, but kilts are much more than just a piece of cloth. Scotland clothing LLC is more of pride for the Scottish people. 



L’histoire de l’Écosse est incomplète sans les kilts. Les vêtements écossais proposent des kilts dans de nombreuses catégories comme les kilts utilitaires, les kilts de mariage, les kilts tactiques, et la liste est longue. Tous ces kilts sont portés à différentes occasions.

Kilt Jackets

Vestes Kilt

Les vestes kilt font partie du code vestimentaire ; ceux-ci ont ajouté une touche modeste aux kilts. La veste Prince Charlie, la veste Argyle et les vestes de batteur militaire sont une combinaison de formel et décontracté.

Kilt Shoes

Chaussures kilt

Les brogues Ghillie sont des chaussures traditionnelles pour aller avec un kilt. C’est une chaussure à semelle épaisse sans lacets. Les lacets sont généralement enroulés et noués autour de la cheville pour une bonne adhérence. Comme les hommes, les femmes portent des chaussures ghillie avec vêtements écossais traditionnels. Mais la semelle des chaussures était relativement mince.


Accessoires de kilt

Le kilt est livré avec ses accessoires qui lui ajoutent de la mode. Il comprend des vêtements de jour et de soirée, des couvre-chefs, des ceintures, des sporrans, des chaussures, des armes, des bijoux, etc.